Free Printables for the Entire Family!

License for Printables Use


All printables here at Family Shopping Bag are copyrighted. Our in house artisted Shannan Brunet works hard to created fun printables we hope you all enjoy.


All printables on Family Shopping Bag are free to use as long as they are used according to the rules provided below.


The Printables Cannot Be Bought Traded or Sold

Have fun as long as no money is being exchanged, this includes fund-raisers, bake sales etc.


Print as Much as You Like

Have fun, print away. Cover you room top to bottom as long as it is by the rules.


Teachers and Little Team Coaches, You Can Print Too

Great for your class, fun for your little league teams too from soccer to baseball and more.


Printing At Copy Stores

You have my personal permission to print my printables at a copy store if you can’t print at home or in your class. I know how much ink costs and I have wanted to print on three colored pieces of paper but didn’t want to buy the whole pack. Feel free to print this page or show this page on your phone. Yes, you can print our printables at copy stores if needed.


I love to keep my printables free for everyone. I work to help make you happy because making you and the children happy is what makes me happy. I hope you all enjoy!


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Thank you,