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Owned and Operated by Brunet Visions since 1999.

Brunet Visions was founded in 1999 by a husband and wife computer programming and design team.


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Owned and operated by Brunet Visions, a family owned business, we do our best to provide our guests with the best in fun via the internet.


It all started in 1999. I’m a disabled mom who was looking for something to do and playing around on the internet taught me a thing or two about printing out fun. I was printing out birthday cards, made a few favor boxes and wrapping paper and then one day decided to make some of my own and here I am today. It started off slow and just kept growing with a request or two from people who stopped by the website and now I am making printables by request for people across the world who need a printable or two for a birthday party or their classroom etc.. I love what I do, it’s a wonderful hobby.


A Little Bit About Our Business:

Family owned and operated, we are Brunet Visions, the owners of various websites that work hard to save their viewers and customers money while viewing online.


We want to help your family enjoy every day life, fun and learning. Thank you for visiting and Brunet Visions online community center dedicated to low income and disabled children. Printables are always FREE at!


We hope you enjoy and feel free to send us any ideas you may have for future products you need to print from your very own computer.